Pilates Instructor
Phone: 908-202-4630
E-mail: pilatesdesignstudio@gmail.com

Erica is a multi-discipline fitness instructor who began her wellness journey in 2008 when she became certified through Om Yoga in Manhattan. Every modality has given her a new perspective on how to move your body more optimally. She is certified in yoga, TRX, cycling, rowing, personal training as well as Pilates through Body Art Science International, (BASI). Knowing that not every exercise will work well for you every day, she will tailor each movement to your personal needs. Every session is geared toward putting you back in control of your own health by giving you the tools to change the way you move.

Early on her fitness journey she experienced a crippling neck injury at a local yoga studio. She believed she would always be in pain and learned to just ignore the constant state of ongoing pain. By luck she met the brilliant Danielle Conner who changed the way she activated her muscles and immediately changed how she programmed her sessions for her personal clients. She started as a client at Pilates Design Studio in Watchung NJ and quickly realized that this was the correct path for her career. Today she is pain free and takes joy in sharing her knowledge of proper body mechanics with all of her clients.